Hello!!!!! I’m so excited to welcome you to our Party Girl Pace Setters Program!!!!

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We  partnered with Top Sales Director Karen Ridle’s area, so you will hear Vox audio messages and see videos from Karen and others throughout.
This exciting program that will help you get stronger in your party holding skills!!!! Get ready to grow significantly in how you book your parties; how you coach your parties and how you hold your parties!!!!  This month is going to be a defining month in your journey in Mary Kay…..IF you will dig deep and commit to daily work in your business!!!
Below,  there is a challenge for each day (M-F of the week).  Upon completion of that day’s challenge,   let your director know how you accomplished it.  Each completed challenge equals 20 points.   When you complete a total of 500 points over the month,  you will receive a fabulous prize from your director!!!!  You also have the opportunity to earn bonus points with weekly/weekend activities. 
(See attached 
Pary Girl Pace Setters Tracker.) 
I want you to develop strong, daily habits in your business that will help you develop into a strong and successful Mary Kay Party Girl.   To do this, you will have to stretch and take your daily work and expectations to a higher level!  It may not always be comfortable, but you can do it…and you will see the results if you stay faithful to working daily in your business to book and hold more parties!!!!  Watch this 3 minute video to hear a little bit more about what to expect and how to prepare for our big kick off tomorrow! Click on the video below….

So…..today is the day to get ready for tomorrow’s big kick off!
Attached you will find the documents you need to print out by tonight!
♦ Monthly Consultant Tracking Sheet
♦ Bubble Sheets – 4 black ink copies
♦ Sales Thermometer – 1 color copy on white cardstock
 Party Girl Pace Setters Tracker – 1 copy
 Full Circle Perfect 12 Tracking Sheet

- - -  - - -
Take a minute right now to close your eyes
and visualize what you will experience.

♦ See yourself with a datebook full of parties!
♦  Hear yourself coaching your parties successfully and energetically!

♦ See yourself holding parties that result in AT LEAST $250+ in sales; 2+ follow up parties booked and 2+ career chats with the women at every party!

♦ Feel how great it feels to pay bills and finance dreams from your party sales!

- - -  - - -


It’s time to get started!!!! Be intentional TODAY about your planning and goal setting for the month….and keep me posted! I’m excited to see all that this month has for you!!